Leisa’s Secret Meal Replacement High Protein Diet Shake review

High Protein Diet Shakes are the real winners…


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Be Part Of The Fattest Nations On Earth?


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 1.6 billion adults who are overweight.  They project that number will increase by 40% in the next 10 year.  These are individual who are older than 15 years and have a body mass greater than 25.  Obese is defined as having a body mass over 30.

That’s a lot of fat people!

Not to mention the side effects of being overweight such as pressure on joints, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.  Plus, the toll it takes on your body when you get any of these problems.

As it sits now, the United States has 74.1; Australia has 67.4; and United Kingdom 63.8 percent of their population is obese.

Processed foods, fast foods, and lack of exercise are the main reasons for obesity these days.  What if you were told of a way to start loosing that weight and keep it off and still remain healthy?  Would you take it?  Read on…

What’s it all about?

High protein diet shakes are helping hundreds, if not thousands, of people lose weight, AND keep it off.  You probable know it takes time to find a diet plan that will work for you and still be able to afford it, use it and stick to it until you’ve reaches your target weight goal.  That’s not an easy task with today’s busy schedules.  You need something quick and easy but protein rich, nutritionally balanced, and tastes good.

High protein diet shakes are the perfect option for those on the go.  Replacement shakes are loaded with all the essential nutrition a body needs to not only lose weight but to keep you healthy, give you an energy boost, and keep you from feeling starved.

The Pros Of High Protein Diet Shake:

  • Offers rapid weight loss
  • Several flavors to meet your tastes
  • Provides enough protein for you to gain or keep your lean muscle mass
  • More fiber to keep you feeling full longer
  • Prevents cravings by maintaining your glucose level
  • All the vitamins and minerals your body needs
  • Be assured of its safety for your rapid weight loss

The Cons Of High Protein Diet Shake:

  • May lack some of the antioxidant you normally get from fruits and vegetables
  • You may not feel the same fullness as you do with eating foods
  • Healthy nutritional principles are sadly lacking

What Are The Main Ingredients?

Soy protein isolate

  • Soy Isolate contains protein content of 90% on a moisture-free basis (powdered).  They increase protein content, enhance moisture retention while supplying you with the needed protein

Whey protein concentrate

  • Whey protein has the right combination of amino acids, in the right proportion, and concentration to have the optimum affect on your body.  Whey is a byproduct of the cheese making process.  After they make the cheese there is a liquid that’s left over.  That liquid is whey.  That liquid contains all the protein the body needs in liquid form.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • A balanced combination of essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, and potassium
  • Chromium picolinate – Helps to prevent sugar cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamine,  and Folate

There a many different kinds of diet shake but Leisa’s Secret Meal Replacement High Protein Diet Shake is one of the best on the market.  It offers a slower burn of carbohydrates and keeps simple sugars where they belong – in your bloodstream not in your fat cells.

There are four different flavors to tantalize your taste buds.  The come in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and café latte.  You’ll consume more protein but lose more weight at a faster rate.

It’s not easy these days to prepare meals with the hectic lifestyles we live.  With a replacement meal you don’t have to worry about getting all the essential nutrition.  They’re supplied for you with a balance of high protein, energy enriched, low calorie high protein diet shake.

High protein diet shakes were designed with you in mind.  Extensive research shows ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t exactly fit every person.  They have combined all the ingredients into a powder that you mix with milk or juice and drink.  The guess work is gone.  The formulation of specific ratio per person is the key to achieve your weight loss goal with the right amount of diet shake.  The high protein diet shake replacement meal is just what you need in your busy lifestyle.

Have one for breakfast and dinner and watch the weight fall off.  You stay healthy with high energy levels and your meal only takes minutes to make.

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