Green Tea Side Effects – The True Picture

greenteafield 300x245 Green Tea Side Effects – The True Picture

The orthodox tradition of consumption of green tea to rid oneself of various ailments has been an alternative approach for a large section of the naturopathy believers for several hundred years now. It is no news that herbs normally contain different components which can bring about green tea side effects, both positive and negative when combined with other drugs, supplements and herbs. Following are some popular green tea side effects and some factors which make the benefits of green tea far more prominent than the negatives.

One of the most well-known green tea side effects is insomnia. As green tea consists of caffeine, it induces sleeplessness by stimulating the central nervous system of the human body. Apart from this, caffeine can also act as a diuretic and can increase stomach acid, urge incontinence, increase blood pressure and heart rate, cause constipation and enhance the blood sugar levels.

Green tea side effects which are less serious nature have also been reported by the intake of this beverage. Some of these side effects are appetite loss, nervousness, anxiety, headache, irritability, diarrhea, upset stomach, constipation etc.

Overdoing the consumption of green tea can also lead to some very serious green tea side effects such as caffeine toxicity. In some cases, excess consumption has led to addiction and psychological intolerance. Abruptly stopping the consumption of green tea can result in severe withdrawal symptoms too.

While many of these green tea side effects have been attributed to the presence of caffeine in the beverage, the true fact is that the caffeine content in green tea is far less in comparison to coffee and other different types of beverages. All experts are of the opinion that one can easily avoid these green tea side effects by consumption of it in moderation. Further, many of the green tea side effects can be done away with by addition of milk, thereby reducing the potency of tannins.

Despite all the green tea side effects, there are many positive reasons that make millions of people stand by the effectiveness of this beverage.

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